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The best results are consistently produced by working with the best. With 1,000’s of satisfied clients nationally, our firm has held be the highest rated business in the business.

Our firm is here serving the US while other firms are being shut down by the authorities as they are scamming people out of hard earned cash, and our customers love us.

So do your research on whatever firm you choose to hire, but please just use separate sources which will truly vet and check the customer reviews (like the BBB), so you know you’re getting real customer responses.

Energetically Helping All of Maine

Do you call the lovely state of Maine your house? Have you been facing tax problems with the federal government? We serve all residents of Maine, from the greatest cities, to the littlest little towns. Therefore whether you live in the big cities such as Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, Sanford and Augusta or one of the smaller towns in between, our team is there to help you.

Say Bye to tax problems once and for all

Should you owe a major (or even lower amount) of back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, then they are legally competent to do many things in order to get that cash back. They are able to do small things like slap on penalties and interest charges, or bigger matters like garnish your wages directly from your employer, put levies on your own bank accounts, or place liens on your house and property. We can assist you immediately in case you have been the victim of any of these matters.

Are you prepared to finally quit the cycles of consistent tax problems? Our company is here to allow you to end these problems promptly.

Whether you’ve never talked to anybody in this business before, or have been burned by another firm, our trust worthy attorneys, CPAs and consultants are willing to hear your storyline that is person, and give you personalized advice on what to do next.

Take action now to avert additional penalties and interest charges being added to the quantity you owe. Give our business a call immediately!